1. I dont't live near you,can still help me?
    Of course, we can do everything over the phone but if you NEED me to you ve can discuss options to see if that is
  2. Why are you cheaper than everyone else?
    We operate with minimal staff and don't belive in over charging.
  3. I want to go to a top 100 University now,why are you suggesting a low rank college?
    Unlike my competitors who will do what you want, we belive in education.We want every single one of our clients to not only
    succeed but get high GPA's. Sorry,we do not belive graducating with a 2.4 GPA is sucess.But,don't worry,if we suggest a
    low rank college because your English is so poor then two years later if you are doing well and did our homework then we will
    be happy to trasnfer you to a much better University FREE OF CHARGE. That is coninued commitment to helping you scucceed.
  4. If I followed your instructions and went to a low rank college will you get me into a top 100 ranked college two years later?
    That depends on how well you did in your classes,did you concentrate on learning English plus if you did all the homework I
    suggested. If you were a party animal or didn't get enough help and have bad grades then I cannot get you into top
    100University.But,If you worded hard and got great grades and did my homework,then absolutely.
  5. I want into a specific college can you help me get into that specific university?
    No one can guarantee you admittance into a specific university?