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This is a special program that America has (and even some other countries). One parent goes to an English Training Center or to University in America and their child (or children) can go to public school for free!

Both parents cannot go, otherwise America will think you are trying to immigrate, so this is best for families where the parents work in different cities or are divorced.

Our Services

  • Help determine the best school your child can go to.
  • Find appropriate training center or university near that school.
  • Apply for you and your child's visa.
  • Help get your ready for your move to America (or another country).

While this is a great opportunity for one parent to either further their education or improve their English so they can get a better job, it will cause heartache being away from their spouse. So, please think carefully before you choose this option.

Education and better job is nice but love is wonderful and to live with a broken heart can hurt too much.

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We provide HONEST educational help and we specialize in helping your child go abroad to study.

There are many cheating companies out there. Markis will not cheat you. He is highly educated and is certified by BOTH PIER and ICEF because he wants to make a difference. Contact us and see how we can make dreams into reality.

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