Private School

This is the most popular option especially when a parent cannot come with the child. However, you have to be careful. Yes, private schools are better than public schools in general (except China) they are also generally very expensive.

You really need to know what you are looking for in a school before you dish out a lot of money.

Our Services

  • Help determine the best school for your child.
  • Apply for your child's visa.
  • Help get your child ready for his/her move abroad.

Make sure your child is prepared to be without their family for an entire school year. Many children give up because of homesickness. Make sure you have regular QQ or WeChat sessions with your child. Also try to go visit at least once a year.

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We provide HONEST educational help and we specialize in helping your child go abroad to study.

There are many cheating companies out there. Markis will not cheat you. He is highly educated and is certified by BOTH PIER and ICEF because he wants to make a difference. Contact us and see how we can make dreams into reality.

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