We can get you into an American College

You have just found out that you cannot go to High School in China and you are wondering what to do next. Would you like to go to College in America? We can help you!

Our Services

  • Help you improve your English enough so that you can go to college.
  • Help you learn and then take the GED (equivalent to the High School Diploma)
  • Help find you the best college for you.
  • Give you extra homework to do so if you do well, then in two years I will help transfer you to a better college
  • Of course help you get the student visas you need.

Is money a problem? We can even help you keep your educational expenses as low as possible. We can help you pick places where the tuition is cheaper.

About Us

We provide HONEST educational help and we specialize in helping your child go abroad to study.

There are many cheating companies out there. Markis will not cheat you. He is highly educated and is certified by BOTH PIER and ICEF because he wants to make a difference. Contact us and see how we can make dreams into reality.

Phone Number

+(86) 18320973782

Email Address

Email : universalenglishinchina@yahoo.com


Block F in TaiNing Garden, AiGuo Road 3033 Shenzhen, China Telephone : +(86) 18320973782