We can help you immigrate to many different countries

Many people only think about America when it comes to immigrating. Did you know it takes up to 4 years to immigrate to America? It takes up to 2 years to get approval for the visa then it takes up to 2 years to get the visa!

There are countries who education system is close to Americas and in some ways better yet you can finish the immigration process in 16 weeks or less!

Let us help you make the best choice for you and your family!

Our Services

  • Help you determine which country is best to immigrate to
  • Help you buy the right house or houses (if you go to a country that allows real estate purchase for immigration
  • Find a lawyer who won't cheat you who will help you with the legal paperwork
  • Fill out visa forms for BOTH visitor (to find houses) and immigration
  • Go with you to that country to help you settle in - to make sure you know how to pay bills, sign up for school and live there

Beware of companies that just want your money.

I was hired to help a family to adjust to living to America. They used another company for buying the houses. So, I flew with them to Florida, USA and they found out that the biggest house he bought he couldn't use! He can't drive and there was no bus stop near his house! He had to pay a large maintenance fee for the company and they were not taking care of his pool, it had mold all over it!

About Us

We provide HONEST educational help and we specialize in helping your child go abroad to study.

There are many cheating companies out there. Markis will not cheat you. He is highly educated and is certified by BOTH PIER and ICEF because he wants to make a difference. Contact us and see how we can make dreams into reality.

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